Dance Projects



HOME  Gallery Performance: 2017, Villa Empain Choreographer / Solo Dancer 40min In the Aquarium one wants to see and be seen, know and be known. It is against this backdrop of the constant search for knowledge, visibility and identity that Sandhya Daemgen offers us something in between. In between that of the real and the represented, known and …


Listening Party Experiment

HOME   Gallery Piece: 2015, KuLe and Ufer Studios Choreographer and Host. Version 1 and 2, ca. one hour Dancers: Anna Jarrige, Anna Fitoussi, Sunayana Shetty, Alistair Watts, Lyllie Rouvière, Zhenya Salinski and John Humphrey The Listening Party Experiment immerses the audience in a landscape of sound, text, movement and visions from female artists and musicians of the 20th century. Whether …


this is not the omega

HOME       Installation-Performance: 2016, Het Veem Theater Choreographer / Dancer with Stephanie Quirola Please feel free to enter into “this is not the omega.” A landscape that questions our current present and imagines a way out of our post-normal future. We are not at the end, but rather have come to a crossroads. …


Age of Beyond

HOME Stage Performance: 2016, Ufer Studios and ada studios, Choreographer / Dancer with Anna Jarrige and Ewa Dziarnowska 45 min / 25 min version Welcome to Age of Beyond. This is an age where for some, it is possible to know everything, have everything and be whatever we want to be, where the only limits are …